Cash Back !

You would not expect it, but the Eskimo loves the summer! That’s why we are offering another Eskimo Casino Summer Special!

If you lose your deposit(s) this Sunday we will give you 10% cashback tomorrow*.

How does the cashback work at Eskimocasino?

The Cashback is calculated based on your LOST deposits of today.
For example: If you deposit AND lose 250 EUR on your favorite video slot or in our live casino, we will award you with 25 EUR cash tomorrow!

What are you waiting for?

*Cash Back Terms Eskimo Casino
– The cashback is calculated based on all deposits made and lost on Sunday 01/09/2019
after 10 AM till 01/09/2019 midnight.
– Cashback will be added tomorrow morning (02/09/2019) between 10AM and 12PM CET.
– Only deposits lost on 01/09/2019 count towards this cashback offer.
– Still have balance left? We’ll calculate the cashback for you if your balance is less than €10.
– The cashback amount will be rounded up to the nearest euro.
– Cashback is given as cash – no bonus terms and conditions, no wagering.